Radial / axial & radial-axial bearings

Edelmann Product Picture radial bearings

Product Details and exemplary variations

Radius/ diameter

  1. One-piece bearing bushes from an inner diameter of Ø 30 mm
  2. Two-piece bearings from an inner diameter of Ø 50 mm
  3. Maximum outside diameter Ø 500 mm (special dimensions on request)

Possible versions

  1. Cylindrical circular surface drilling
  2. Two-surface drilling (lemon play)
  3. Four-surface drilling
  4. Offset drilling
  5. MGF drilling

Ready for installation manufacturing

  1. Oil pockets
  2. Hydrostatics
  3. Axial grooves with oil wedge surfaces

Stock production / customer drawing

  1. Manufacturing according to customer drawings
  2. Manufacturing according to DIN standards (DIN 7473, DIN 7474, etc.)

Support body

  1. Steel C10/S355/16MnCr5/42CrMo4
  2. Bronzes Rg7/Rg10 and others.

Composite casting

  1. Centrifugal casting with high-tin, cadmium-free alloys.

Custom-made solutions and special designs based on your individual requirements

Edelmann plain bearings custom-made

We are happy to provide you with special and custom-made solutions.

We manufacture individually according to your request and requirements, whether it is spare parts for your machines, your vehicle, your stationary systems, your oldtimer car or other engines and transmissions. We work on the basis of the existing plans, individual specifications or based on the actual bearing that need to be replaced.
Feel free to contact us without any obligation via the contact form, by telephone at +49 (0) 7153 / 21793 or by e-mail at info@edelmanngleitlager.de

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